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3 Tips To Wash Your Sanitation Towels

Sanitation towels are durable but not indestructible. The key to maintaining them is to keep them properly washed. Here’s a simple guide to washing your sanitation towels.

Use cold water

While you’ll mostly wash other fabrics with warm water, your sanitation towel does better in cold water. Washing it in cold water helps preserve its color and softness while discouraging mildew. Cold washing also works well on many stains.

However, warm washing is recommended if you use your sanitation towel for menstruation. If you prefer washing in cold water, ensure that the sanitation towel is steamed properly after washing to kill germs and keep it healthy.

Avoid excess detergent 

Detergents sometimes contain heavy cleaning chemicals that may harm the sanitation towel’s fabric. Ensure that you’re using a moderate amount of detergent when washing.

If you’re using your sanitation towel in place of a sanitary pad, add a measured volume of laundry sanitizer to kill germs and pathogens.

Avoid bleaching 

Bleaching your sanitation towel can be bad for the towel and your health. Add a half cup of baking soda to your detergent during the wash cycle to restore your white sanitation towels to their original color.

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