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9 Best Overnight Pads for Light To Extra Heavy Flows

Ever woken up to a stained sheet during your period? Yes! That feeling – a mix of anger and guilt! Nobody ever wants to feel that way. Choosing the right overnight pad for your type of flow is the solution.

Truth is, testing different overnight pad products and brands can be expensive and time-consuming. This blog post has everything you need to know.

For this post, we reviewed 9 of the commonest overnight pads (ultra thin and maxis) from five different brands. You can be sure you’ll find the perfect overnight pad for your flow.

Let’s dive in.

Which Overnight Pads Are You Testing?

For this post, we examine the commonest overnight pads available to most girls and women. They are;

  • Always Radiant Ultra Thin Overnight Pad (Size 5)
  • Always Overnight (Size 4)
  • Always Overnight extra heavy (Size 5)
  • Always Overnight (Size 6)
  • Carefree Breathe
  • Honey Pot
  • Stayfree Overnight
  • U by Kotex AllNighter
  • U by Kotex Security

How Will You Be Testing The Overnight Pads?

Periods are stressful enough without adding the stress of stains and washing stained clothes. Our approach to measuring the absorbency and capacity of each pad is simple.

This test will apply diluted tomato juice to each pad via a syringe. The goal is to administer accurate volumes of the juice to each product and screen them out accordingly.

Ranked: 9 Best Overnight Pads For Light to Extra Heavy Flow

9. Always Radiant Ultra Thin Overnight Pad 

Light to Medium Flow

Although this is an overnight pad, it is best used for lighter overnight flows – preferably toward the end of your period. It offers great comfort overnight, however, it can leave you stained during heavy flows.

You can also use this pad during the daytime. It offers great protection and can be changed out as frequently as needed.

8. Always Overnight Maxi Pad 

Light to Medium Flow 

This is another disaster waiting to happen, especially if used in the first few days of your period – when the flow is heavy. The pad is designed to withstand light overnight flows and not heavy flows.

You may find yourself waking in the middle of the night to change it out on heavier days.

The Always overnight maxi pads are recommended only when you’re towards the end of your period. It is sure to keep you protected from spotting and light overnight flow.

7. Honey Pot Ultra Thin Overnight Pad

Light to Medium Flow 

Similar to the other two above, the Honey Pot Ultra Thin Overnight pad is great for light to medium flow. It can leave you stained during heavier overnight flows.

It is the perfect overnight protection for the tail end of your period, when the flow has dwindled, or for lighter flows.

6. Carefree Breathe Ultra Thin Overnight Pad

Medium Flow

The Carefree Breathe Ultra Thin Overnight Pad does a decent job of protecting you from leaks, especially when you’re experiencing medium overnight flow.

It is perfect for a 50 ml range of flow and holds well after it is soaked. However, you may need to be conscious of the pad’s feel against your skin when wet.

5. Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight Pad

Medium Flow

The Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight pad offers an impressive result, especially as other Ultra Thin sanitary pads in this experiment could not withstand up to 50 ml of liquid.

Although the Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight pad offers great holding capacity, we recommend you use it only for medium flow to prevent leakage and staining.

4. U by Kotex AllNighter

Medium to Heavy Flow 

The U by Kotex AllNighter Ultra Thin pad is one of the perfect options for guaranteed overnight protection. The sanitary pad is designed for comfort and maximum absorbency. You can be sure of improved security and protection irrespective of how you sleep.

3. Always Overnight Extra Heavy 

Heavy Flow 

The Always Overnight Extra Heavy maxi pad offers the right kind of protection during heavy overnight flow. This is one of the perfect options for girls and women who hate changing their pads during the night.

With the Always Overnight Extra Heavy pad, you can be sure of improved protection throughout the night without stains.

2. U by Kotex Security Overnight Pad

Heavy to Extra Heavy Flow

The U by Kotex Security maxi pad is very absorbent and perfect for women who literally bleed during their period. The product is soft, comfortable, and offers extra layers of protection for all kinds of flow.

You can rely on this pad to give you the perfect security and protection as you lay down to sleep during your period.

1. Always Overnight (Size 6) 

Heavy to Extra Heavy Flow

The Always Overnight Maxi pad Size 6 offers the best overnight protection. It should be a buddy to women who experience heavy flows from the first to the last day of their period. It’s also perfect for girls and women who would rather not sacrifice their sleep to change out pads during the night.

Traveling and planning for your period? The Always Overnight size 6 pad has your back.

There you have it. Comment or share your experience using any of these products.

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