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Athletes vs. Sanitary Pads: Best Pads For Sports Period

Women athletes often face difficult situations, especially when on their periods. If you’re a woman in sports, you already know how the pain of physical exertion aggravates your period cramps. It’s worse when you’re worried about leaks or blood stains when lifting or engaging in the sports you love.

Having the right protection against period leaks can make all the difference. It can improve your confidence as you engage in the sport you love. This is why we’ve highlighted the best sanitary pads for sports, helping you find the perfect protection whether you’re at the gym or outdoors.

To make the selection easier, we have grouped the best pads for sports period based on popular brands. So, if you’re an Always lover, you can find the perfect Always sanitary pads for sports easily. And if you’re a U by Kotex fangirl, we have the best U by Kotex pads for sports for you too.

Best Pads for Sports Period 

Always Infinity Flex Foam Pads With Wings

Always is a popular brand name in the sanitary pad industry and rightly so. The Always Infinity Flex Foam Pads With Wings offer the level of protection you won’t get from other regular pads out there. With 32 pads in its pack, they are thin, making them perfect for sports use. The pads also stay in place, so you don’t have to worry about shifting and stains during your sporting activities.

The Always pad brand offers great value for money, especially when you choose the right one for your feminine hygiene needs.

Always Infinity Heavy Flow Absorbency 

Heavy workouts may sometimes mean heavy flow. As you’re pushing the weights to stay fit, you need your pad to stay in position and move with you. The Always Infinity Heavy flow absorbency pad does just this. It is thin and lightweight, giving you a feeling as if it weren’t there. The pad also comes with a FlexFoam material which helps the pad adjust to twists and turns as you go about your sporting activities.

Rest assured that this sanitary pad is designed specifically for sports women with heavy flow. So, if you’re looking for the best pads for sports period with a heavy flow, this is the one for you.

Always Anti-Bunch Xtra Protection Daily Liners

Do you like tampons but don’t feel fully protected, especially when working out? The Always Infinity Flex Foam Pads With Wings is the choice for you. This lightweight sanitary pad offers the perfect backup against leaks when wearing a tampon. The pack offers 40 pieces of liners with adhesive bunch technology to hold them in place.

This pad guarantees as much as 5x more absorbency than any other panty liner in the Always lineup. It is also a great choice for women with intrauterine devices (IUDs).

Always Thin Daily Panty Liners, Light Absorbency

Playing tennis, jumping on the trampoline, or putting weight behind your badminton strokes can mean more blood flowing through your womanly parts. This is why the Always Thin Daily Panty Liners are great for your protective needs. The panty liners offer 162 light absorbency liners that can be paired with your tampon for maximum protection.

The best part is you can wear them on regular days to catch daily discharge and keep your lady parts clean and fresh.

U by Kotex Teen Ultra-Thin Feminine Pads With Wings, Overnight

Looking for pads that offer extra-long protection, especially if you’ll be outdoors hiking, biking, or running for long periods? The U by Kotex Teen Ultra-Thin pad is the one for you. This pad won’t quit until you’re ready to change it out. The best part is its overnight absorbency rating, making it perfect for heavy flows during the day.

The U by Kotex feminine pads with wings comes in a pack of 24, making it your perfect companion day and night as a female athlete.

U by Kotex Fitness Ultra Thin Pads with Wings for Sports Period

The first day of your period as a female athlete can be difficult, especially when you don’t know the symptoms to expect this month. The U by Kotex Fitness Ultra Thin Pads with Wings makes it worth it. It is arguably the best pad for sports period, because it is designed for women in sports.

The pad is thin and offers the ultimate protection you need to get on with your day. While it is thin, comfortable, and has decent absorbency, it may not be a great choice for heavier flows.

Looking for the best pad with wings to keep you comfortable as you move around during your exercise and activities? This is the one for you.

Playtex Sport Ultra Thin Pads with Wings

Not a big fan of Always pads or U by Kotex pads? The Playtex Sports Ultra Thin pads with wings are an option to choose. Also a popular name in the sanitary pad industry, this pad comes with a Flex-Fit design which makes it perfect for all sporting activities, whether walking, jogging, running, jumping, or dancing.

The pads are designed with a Qwik-Dry and Anti-Leak Absorbent Core, which makes them even more perfect for handling your period flow. They are also great at managing odor, thanks to the Odor Shield Technology.

Playtex Sport Combo of Tampons & Ultra Thin Pads

This is for tampon lovers who don’t feel completely protected when using their tampons. The Playtex Sports Combo offers a combination of Tampons and Ultra Thin pads to keep you protected throughout the day. Similar to the Ultra thin pads with wings, this one also features the Qwik-Dry and Anti-Leak absorbent core. They also come with the Odor Shield Technology to neutralize bad odors and keep you fresh.

The Playtex Sports combo does not have artificial scents or fragrances, making it perfect for sports women who prefer unscented sanitary pads.

Rael Certified Organic Cotton Large Pads for Sports Period

Are you allergic to chemicals and rather prefer organic sanitary pads with wings? The Rael Certified Organic Cotton pad for sports period is the one for you. This pad is made from 100% certified organic materials with no toxins, chemicals, or fragrance. The pad offers a triple layer of protection to prevent leaks and stains. You can also enjoy its special design which makes it perfect for all activities.

The Rael Certified organic cotton is available in different sizes, including petite, regular, large, overnight, and extra-long overnight options for improved protection.

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