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Incontinence Pads: Can Men Wear A Sanitary Pad?

Can Men Wear A Sanitary Pad?

This question has been on Quora for months and the answer is YES.

There’s nothing bad in experimenting – even if it’s with feminine products. But, some men need sanitary pads or incontinence pads for health reasons. 

“I do! I have a medical problem and have to urinate frequently, with VERY LITTLE WARNING! I have tried many women’s pads and none really did the job I needed,” reads one of the most prominent answers on the forum.

There are many reasons why you may need to wear a pad. It could be because you’re a trans man, non-binary, or intersex. However, this article addresses the need for pads for urinary incontinence purposes.

What Is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is also known as the loss of bladder control. As described in the excerpt above from Quora, it is a common and embarrassing problem. People with this health condition may suffer mild to severe forms of incontinence. Mild incontinence may include leaking during involuntary actions like coughing and sneezing. The severe form may cause victims to soil themselves unexpectedly.

Urinary incontinence is common in older people, but it can also affect younger men and women.

Benefits Of Wearing Incontinence Pad For Men?

There are many benefits to wearing incontinence pads. Asides from the feeling of protection, below are other benefits of men wearing pads.

Improved Hygiene

Incontinence pads can help men with urinary incontinence improve their personal hygiene. The product collects urine leaks and prevents it from soiling their clothes. The good thing is you can change your incontinence pads as many times during the day to keep the crotch area clean and hygienic.

If you don’t have urinary incontinence, sanitary pads can also help improve your personal hygiene. The pad can collect random secretions from the penis throughout the day, keeping your underwear clean and spotless.

Increased Comfort

Sanitary pads and incontinence pads are designed to provide comfort to users. Wearing one can help you feel more comfortable as you go about your daily activities. In fact, it can help you to better manage random erections during the day, ensuring that your penis doesn’t graze your underwear fabric too often. – Let’s face it, nobody wants a bruised penis.

Improved Confidence 

Whether you’re wearing a sanitary pad or a men’s incontinence pad, the confidence boost is undeniable. Men wearing pads for health reasons can go about their daily life knowing they won’t suffer leaks, stains, or crotch-area mishaps during the day. Those wearing sanitary pads for their kinks or fetish can also go about their day with the confidence of a god. 

Ultimately, wearing an incontinence pad may be the key to lowering your anxiety and boosting your performance.

Improved Convenience

Incontinence pads are like sanitary pads in that they are easy to use. Learn how to put on incontinence pads here for a step-by-step guide.

You can go about your day knowing that the next incontinence pad change is as simple as a bathroom break. 

How To Choose The Best Incontinence Pads For Men

Urinary incontinence can be a frustrating and embarrassing condition. The right incontinence pad for men, however, makes the condition bearable. Below are some of the important things to watch out for when choosing incontinence products to manage your symptoms.


Absorbency is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an incontinence pad. Incontinence pads are available in a range of absorbencies, from light to heavy. Consider your incontinence level and choose the appropriate absorbency to manage the condition.


Incontinence pads come in different sizes, and it is important to choose a pad that fits well. A pad that is too small may not provide adequate protection, while a pad that is too large may be uncomfortable and shift during movement. Most incontinence pads are designed to fit the anatomy of men, but it is important to measure your waist and hips to ensure you choose the right size.


The shape of the incontinence pad is also important. Some pads are designed to fit the anatomy of men, while others are designed to fit a range of body types. Consider the shape of the pad, and choose a pad that is comfortable and provides adequate coverage for your crotch area.


Incontinence pads are made from various materials, including plastic, cloth, and foam. It is important to choose a pad that is comfortable against your skin and does not cause irritation. Some men may prefer a softer and more flexible material, while others may prefer a firmer and more supportive pad.


Incontinence pads may have an adhesive backing that helps to keep the pad in place during use. Choose a pad with a strong adhesive that can hold the pad securely in place and prevent it from shifting or bunching.


Comfort is key when choosing an incontinence pad. An uncomfortable pad can cause skin irritation and lead to chafing. Consider the overall comfort of the pad, including the material, shape, and size.


Consider the convenience of the incontinence pad when making your choice. Some pads are disposable, while others are reusable. Disposable pads are convenient and easy to use, but they can be more expensive in the long run. Reusable pads are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective, but they require more maintenance.

Why Aren’t More Men Wearing Incontinence Pads?

Although there are several benefits to wearing a sanitary pad, there are also some challenges that men may face. Some of the key challenges include:


Whether it’s urinary incontinence, a kink, or part of your transitioning process, talking about wearing a sanitary pad or incontinence pad in public can be embarrassing. 

This is one of the major factors men aren’t discussing the topic as much in public.


Sanitary pads are primarily marketed toward women. This can make it difficult for men to find pads that are suitable for their needs. Some men may also feel uncomfortable purchasing pads in public, making accessing these products challenging.


Men are often larger in some areas compared to women. This can affect how sanitary pads fit. However, men’s incontinence pad design has been improved upon over the years, making it better suited to men and men’s needs.

You may need to experiment with different brands to find the perfect product for your needs.

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