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Overnight Pads Review: Always vs. Kotex

Overnight pads offer improved menstrual-leak protection during the night. With these pads, you can go to bed during your period without worries. Two top overnight pad manufacturers, Always and U by Kotex, have fought for attention for years. However, what do they both offer in terms of quality to consumers?

Below, we have Always vs. Kotex, giving you a side-by-side comparison of both products and what they offer.

But first –

What’s The Difference Between Daytime And Overnight Pads?

Sanitary pads are classified as daytime and night pads based on absorbance, length, and size. Daytime pads are shorter – often ranging between 17cm and 25cm, with decent absorbency. Night or overnight pads are often longer – up to 35cm – and offer higher absorbency.

With night pads, the longer they are, the more fluids they absorb. The length also helps it to cover the front and back areas of the crotch to catch more fluid and prevent stains.

With that cleared up, now let’s dive into the review.

Always Ultra Thin Overnight Pads vs. U by Kortex Ultra Thin Overnight Pads 

The Always Ultra Thin Overnight Pads or U by Kortex Ultra Thin Overnight Pads are perfect for those nights when you’re experiencing a heavy flow. However, which should be your go-to option? Find out how each sanitary product stacks up against the other.


U by Kortex Wins

Quietness is just as important in an overnight pad as it is in a daytime pad. Some teenage girls and women are still shy about their feminine side – which is okay. If you’re concerned about how loud your overnight pad can get, then the U by Kortex Ultra Thin Overnight Pad is the perfect option for you.

The U by Kortex overnight pads are wrapped in paper-like wrappers with nice designs. The wrappers are quiet, allowing you to get to your ladies’ business without drawing attention to yourself. Several teenage girls have also spoken of how connected they are to the designs and patterns on the wraps – it eases their period tension.

On the other hand, the Always Ultra Thin Overnight Pads are wrapped in plastic, which will often announce your intentions.


Always Ultra Thin Overnight Pads Win

Always Ultra Thin Overnight pads are very big and long. The design aims to catch the heavy flow and keep you from staining your bed or clothes during the night. The size and shape are perfect for stomach, back, and side sleepers. Although this is a huge pro for the product, it could also be a con, especially for people who don’t like extra-long sanitary pads.

The U by Kotex overnight pads are nice and big also, just like the Always Ultra pads. The design also aims to catch everything it needs to catch but the absorbency isn’t as high as the Always pads.


U by Kortex Wins

Always pads have a long way to go in terms of wings and wing design. Many teenage girls often complain about the unnatural wings on the sanitary pad. The wings don’t go around the underwear and can cause slips and stains, especially for messy sleepers.

On the other hand, the winged U by Kortex overnight pads have similar wings but with an improved design. The improved design helps the wings stay in place, thus guaranteeing better protection, even for messy sleepers.



Both the Always Ultra Thin Overnight pads and the U by Kortex Overnight pads have similar flexibilities. They are both easy to contort into any shape to fit the inside of your underwear.

The outside layer has an adhesive part that does pretty well in holding the sanitary pad in place. However, the adhesiveness may depend on how firm the underwear is and how many trials it took you to perfect its placement.

You can learn more about how to wear a sanitary pad correctly here.



Pad allergies and irritation are often common when people wear their pads for longer. This is why the Always Ultra Thin Overnight pads and the U by Kortex pads may have similar effects on the skin.

People with sensitive skin may experience pad rash when using the Always Ultra Thin overnight pads because they offer a higher absorbency. This may be less common with the U by Kortex pads because they have less absorbency; as such, they’ll need to be changed faster.


U by Kotex Wins

Similar to the ordinary daytime pads, the Always Ultra Thin Overnight Pads are not soft. From a personal perspective, the pad’s fabric just doesn’t go well with the skin, especially in a moist environment, which is what it is when you’re on your period.

On the other hand, the U by Kotex overnight pads are very soft, so it does not irritate the skin. Its softness can be compared to regular pads, it absorbs a lot and has the same wings as the daytime ones, so it wraps around your underwear perfectly and doesn’t shift position.

Final Verdict: Always vs. Kortex

U by Kortex Wins

You’re more likely to enjoy the U by Kortex Ultra Thin overnight pad if you have sensitive skin and want something soft, comfortable, and light. However, you can also enjoy the Always Ultra Thin Overnight pad if you’re a restless sleeper looking for more absorbency.

The truth is, there’s a chance that you may get 10 to 12 hours or more out of your U by Kortex overnight pads. This may be an added advantage for people who want a combination of softness and absorbency. Throw in the colors and patterns on the paper-like wrapper and its quietness – you have a perfect period product in your hands.

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