Poise vs. always discreet

Poise vs. Always Discreet: Choosing The Best Incontinence Pad

Poise and Always Discreet are two big brands competing for the most attention in the incontinence pad and liner race. With established names and a range of products, customers often need help choosing the best one. Going through the range of Always incontinence products can be convincing, but on the other hand, Poise offers a pretty great lineup too. So, which one should you choose?

Our Poise vs. Always Discreet comparison considers a wide range of factors, including the broad range of products each brand offers. We also consider each product’s features and consumer reviews on e-commerce marketplaces.

Using these data, we have characterized each incontinence product, making it easier for you to choose the best one for your unique preferences and lifestyle.

Read our Poise vs. Always Discreet comparison below to make your decision.

Always Discreet Incontinence Liners and Pads

Always is one of the biggest names in the sanitary and incontinence pad industry. With such a big name and a wide range of products, they’re easily accepted as the default best choice. Consumers also have a full line of incontinence pads, liners, and underwear to choose from, depending on their lifestyle and specific needs.

To make our Always Discreet vs. Poise Incontinence Pads comparison easier, we have defined special features upon which we will rate both lines of incontinence products.

Absorbency: Always Discreet pad and liners are available in different absorbency scales, from one to six. The lowest absorbency level is perfect for consumers who experience light dribbles while the highest absorbency caters to consumers with full-on gushes.

Size: The Always Discreet lineup offers a wider range of sizes, from small to XXL. The variety of sizes available caters to a wider audience, irrespective of their waist size or preferences.

Styles: Always Discreet incontinence pads and liners are available in various styles to fit consumer lifestyle needs. The pantyliners are available in short, long, and regular lengths. The incontinence pads are also available in pull-on options. The pull-on options are made with soft fabric-like materials for maximum comfort.

Thinness: Always Discreet incontinence pads and liners are thin, lightweight, and perfect for all-day protection. Despite its great absorbency levels, users can expect the incontinence pad and liners to feel comfortable throughout use.

Special features: Always keeps reinventing its technology. The Discreet incontinence pads and liners use a unique liquid-to-gel technology similar to the sanitary pad lines. This technology collects leaks and turns them into a gel-like substance, keeping users dry and comfortable throughout use.

The Always Discreet incontinence pads and liners also have the OdorLock technology and LeakGuards to combat odor and leaks during use.

The Always Discreet incontinence pads and liners are perfect for consumers who enjoy exploring a range of products. They can easily switch between the liners, incontinence pads, and underwear to determine the best fit for their incontinence.

Poise Incontinence Liners and Pads

The Poise Incontinence liners and pads cater to varying degrees of incontinence, from light bladder leaks (LBL) to heavy gushes. The incontinence products are also available in a range of options based on incontinence level, lifestyle, and preferences.

Similar to the Always Discreet incontinence pads and liners, we have examined the Poise brand based on similar groupings.

Absorbency: Similar to Always Discreet, Poise ranks its products on a scale of one to six too. Scale one represents the lightest form of incontinence while six represents the highest incontinence level. Poise’s level six incontinence pad is perfect for overnight use, especially because it sports a wider back to trap more leaks during sleep.

Size: Unlike the Always Discreet lineup, Poise offers only the regular and the long incontinence pads. This range can be limiting, especially for consumers looking to experiment with more sizes to find their perfect fit.

Style: All of Poise’s incontinence pads are pantyliner-styled with a self-adhesive backing designed to stick to the inside of the underwear. The adhesives hold well and are easily removable during changes. But unlike the Always Discreet lineup, there’s no pull-on incontinence pad in its lineup.

Thinness: Poise’s products are known for their incredible thinness despite their high absorbency. You can expect the pantyliner-styled incontinence pads to feel like they aren’t there. Even when full, the pad’s incredible thinness makes it a great choice for many users.

Special features: Poise’s line of incontinence pads and liners come with a Contour FitTM design which makes them incredibly comfortable. The pads also have impressive curves to protect against bunching.

Other special features on the Poise incontinence pad and liners include the dry-touch layer and absorb-loc feature which seals wetness and odor in.

Poise’s range of incontinence products is perfect for consumers looking for the thinnest, lightest, and most comfortable solution for their incontinence.

Poise vs. Always Discreet

CriteriaPoiseAlways Discreet
Special Features✔️ – Contour FitTM
✔️ – Dry touch layer
✔️ – Absorb loc feature
✔️ – Liquid-to-gel technology
✔️- OdorLock
✔️- LeakGuards
Poise vs. Always Discreet

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