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Incontinence Pad Review: Poise vs. Stayfree vs. Rite Aid

Looking for the right brand of incontinence pad? You’re not alone. Sadly, most of the information you’ll find online will look like sponsored ads.

What you need is a detailed breakdown of each product from a user’s perspective to understand your options and their value.

This article reviews three incontinence pad brands; Poise, Rite Aid, and Stayfree. This is an unusual stack, however, we want you to get the best value for your money. Our review will draw inspiration from a YouTuber who has been wearing bladder control pads for over 12 years. That, and some other online reviews of these brands/incontinence pads, will help you make the best buying decision.

Let’s dive in.

Poise Incontinence Pad Review

I still use Poise pads to this day when it comes to disposable pads. I’m pretty biased with them. I specifically love their thin version of the pads and I wear a level four of protection. Those pads are super comfortable. I’d never feel like I’m wearing them and they hold enough even on my worst bladder days.”

That’s a pretty interesting description of the Poise incontinence pad. This is one of the thousands of reviews you’ll find online about the product. True to these reviews, the pad offers a great sense of protection and comfort.

Users of the Poise incontinence pads and liners get great value for their money, especially as the incontinence pads are available in levels. These levels cater to the different consumer incontinence levels. For example, people with light bladder leakage can choose the Poise incontinence liners, while those experiencing gushes can go up the levels until they find the perfect fit.

So, for a breakdown. Here’s what you should know.

Absorbency: Poise products are ranked on a scale of one to six based on their absorbency. Level 1 incontinence pads are the lightest, while Level 6 pads are the heaviest (perfect for gushes). The level 4 to 6 products are perfect for overnight use, depending on your condition.

Size and styles: The size and design are user-friendly. All Poise incontinence pads are designed like panty liners – they have an adhesive back that sticks to the inside of the underwear. The incontinence pads are easy to change out.

Thickness: Poise incontinence pads can be thick or thin, depending on the absorbency level. However, even a level six incontinence pad is still incredibly thin, soft, and comfortable.

Special Features: The pads are especially thin, making them easy to use without feeling like diapers. The pads also come with ContorGitTM designs which curve around the body to prevent bunching.

Best For: Poise incontinence pads are great for people looking for comfort, absorbency, protection, and the thinnest solution on the market.

Stayfree Incontinence Pad Review

“Overall, I would have liked these pads. They are thin and super soft. They don’t stick very well to my panties though. They have a slight fragrance to them which caused me to have an allergic reaction every time I wore them. Would have preferred them without the perfume in them.”

There’s a bit of a dilution with the Stayfree incontinence pad reviews. While most customers loved the products, others had negative things to say.

Stayfree incontinence products are, however, improving. You may have had great experiences using the product. Still, others have complained bitterly about how hard it feels against the skin, difficulty peeling the adhesive layer, low adhesiveness to the inside of the underwear and more.

If you’re allergic to scented pads, you may need to stay free from the Stayfree ultra-thin pads.

Absorbency: The Stayfree pads are available in different absorbency levels. However, you may need to be conscious of your incontinence level, especially if you’re using it for the first time.

Size and styles: The Stayfree incontinence pads are wider and longer. This is particularly good news for users who love the feel of protection that comes with longer and wider pads. However, those who prefer shorter pads may find them irritating and less comfortable.

Thickness: The Stayfree incontinence pads are touted as light. However, they may sometimes be bulky, depending on which product and incontinence level it is for. The lighter variant is much thinner than the regular variant. In all, both are considerably light and comfortable.

Special Features: They are affordable and offer a decent level of protection for light to mild incontinence.

Best For: Light to mild incontinence, especially when indoors. Users can gauge how long before they change the pads to get an idea of the level of protection it offers.

Rite Aid Bladder Control Pad Review

“Using the Rite Aid pads was an alright experience. Wearing them, you’ll get used to the bulkiness of it and I felt dry the whole day. It did its job, so it was definitely a step up.”

The Rite Aid bladder control pad has helped many women avoid embarrassing spectacles indoors and outdoors. As one of the newest suggestions in mom groups, the product has received a warm welcome. However, users have complained about a couple of things, especially regarding the feel and hardness of the bladder control pad.

While Rite Aid does its job rightly, the experience could be much better for many users who already feel the burden of incontinence weighing on their shoulders.

So, to the meat of the matter;

Absorbency: Rite Aid Incontinence pads do the absolute best job regarding catching incontinence and keeping you safe. However, the incontinence pad may feel a little bulky – like wearing a diaper after some time. The entire diaper feel may take some getting used to, especially if you’re a big fan of thin incontinence pads.

Size and styles: Rite Aid offers a range of incontinence products designed for men and women. There’s also a special overnight incontinence product line dedicated to nighttime protection. Size-wise, the incontinence pads are fairly similar in length and width to other common products on the market. You may not feel any different unfolding and using it.

Thickness: This incontinence pad may not be for you if you’re a big fan of ultra-thin pads. As with many online reviews, this product is a work in progress and often feels bulky to use.

Special Features: The Rite Aid incontinence pads are affordable. They are also available in daytime and overnight options for improved confidence day and night.

Best For: Indoor and outdoor use, especially if you don’t mind the diaper-like feel.

So, that’s it. Please share your experience with any of the above-reviewed products.

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