Why Honeypot Pads Burn: Should You Buy & Use Them?

Variety is the spice of life, so most girls and women try out many feminine hygiene products to get the best comfort and results.

Most people who have gotten tired of sanitary pad brands like Always, U by Kotex, and Poise, look out for new products that deliver more comfort during their menstrual cycle.

But one of those new brands, Honeypot Pads, have been reported to burn users or leave them with a burning sensation in their delicate parts.

So, why does Honeypot pad burn? And should you be using them? Find your answers.

Why Does Honeypot Pads Burn?

Honeypot pads burn because they contain as high as 1 percent phenoxyethanol, which is supposed to deliver a “minty cooling” sensation to your pelvic area. The chemical, however, causes a burning sensation for many users.

It’s important to note that although the product has passed FCC standards for safety, the burning sensation and reaction can be discomforting.

Do Honeypot Pads Burn? Consumer Reviews

Yes, Honeypot herbal-infused day and night pads burn most people when used.

Below are some of the reviews shared by other users.

“I had heard from someone about a new brand of pads called Honey Pot that used clean, pesticide-free cotton, and when I saw them at Target I decided to give them a shot. They advertised that the overnight pads had essential oils to help with cramps, and since I cramp pretty badly I thought that would be a nice touch. Last night I opened a pad and put it on to wear overnight, but within minutes I felt a really bad burning sensation all over my pelvic area and freaked out. I quickly googled it and saw other people reporting the same thing. The pads are supposed to have a minty “cooling” sensation, but for me and a lot of other people, it gave a weird icy-hot sensation to my whole nether regions, which was highly unpleasant.”

“Omg, I came across this 30 seconds after trying my first honey pot pad! I had to do a Google search. It literally feels as though I rubbed a way to large amount of icy hot right on my nether region! My insurance pays for this brand of pads so I was excited to try them. No bueno!”

“I have to say I think it’s fairly horrifying that a company would think it’s a good idea to use essential oils (and especially eos in the mint/menthol family) on pads and feminine hygiene products (or really any products that come in contact with sensitive areas) although sadly it doesn’t surprise me. There are a lot of people out there who for whatever reason have bought into the “natural means it’s safe no matter what” idea. Due to heavy marketing from a few specific sources (including a couple MLMs) essential oils are considered natural and, therefore, completely safe/non-toxic. The fact that eos are super concentrated and the vast majority are not actually safe to use undiluted seems to be something some people don’t have an issue ignoring.

I’m glad they listened to the feedback and are coming out with a line that doesn’t have the eos in them. Hopefully, the worst reactions were the minor discomfort you and a lot of others experienced. I seriously hope none of the victims suffered major chemical burns, which are a possibility with eos.”

Why Does Honey Pot Pads Burn?

Honeypot pads burn because they contain essential oils and as high as 1 percent phenoxyethanol on the pad’s surface which causes a bad, burning reaction in most people.

Side Effects of HoneyPot Pads Burning

Some reported side effects of the Honeypot organic pads include burning sensation, itching, redness around the crotch area, and discomfort.

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