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How to Wear a Maxi Pad (With Pictures + Video)

Most period newbies and even adults sometimes find that they’ve been wearing their maxi pad, sanitary pad, or sanitation towel the wrong way. This isn’t your fault, and honestly, there are not enough online resources teaching how to wear maxi pads or any sanitary pad.

That is why this blog offers you a step-by-step guide on how to wear a maxi pad (or any sanitary pad or sanitation towel). We have also included pictures to guide you through the process. Ready to get started?

Step-by-step guide on how to wear a sanitary pad or sanitation towel

Step 1: Open your sanitary pad

how to wear a maxi pad

We’re assuming you already have your sanitary pad in hand before checking online on how to wear them. If you don’t, now is the time to PAUSE, go get your maxi pad/sanitary pad/sanitation towel, and continue with this guide.

If you already have your pad in hand, great. You’ll want to be in a comfortable place, either your room or the restroom (on the toilet bowl)

Start by opening your sanitary pad’s outer packaging. Open the outer plastic covering and remove one of the maxi pads from the stack.

Remove the plastic wrap around the maxi pad to reveal the sanitary pad itself.

Step 2: Remove the plastic wrap

how to wear a maxi pad

Remove the plastic wrap covering your sanitary pad to expose the absorbent surface. Turn the absorbent surface upside to see the adhesive strip that attaches the pad to the inner layer of your underwear. The adhesive surface prevents the pad from shifting during your daily activities.

Step 3: Attach the pad to your underwear 

how to wear a maxi pad

Proceed to lay out your underwear and attach the outer adhesive surface to the inner crotch area of your underwear. Ensure that the adhesive surface is smoothened over for maximum grip.

You should also ensure that the sanitary pad is properly aligned to cover your crotch area. This will help prevent stains as you go about your daily activities.

Step 4: Prepare and wear your sanitary pad

how to wear a maxi pad

Now that your pad is attached to the inner part of your underwear, smoothen your hand over the adhesive one more time and wear your underwear.

If you’re using a maxi pad with wings, ensure that the wings are folded out around the seams of your underwear.

N.B.: The wings should fold to the outside of your underwear. Maxi pads with wings are designed for extra grip and to hold the pad in place.

Watch this video for a practical guide

How to dispose of your sanitary pad

how to dispose of your sanitary pad

Sanitary pad disposal is an important part of period hygiene. You shouldn’t flush your sanitary pad or sanitation towel down the drain or toilet. Doing this can clog the toilet and cost you a lot of money.

The best way to dispose of your sanitary pad is to carefully remove it, roll it up and cover it up with the plastic covering of the new pad you’re about to switch to. You can alternatively keep the plastic wrap from the earlier pad in the event you’re nearing the end of your period.

Once covered cleanly, dispose of the sanitary pad in a trash can.

How often should I replace my pads?

Experts in women’s health recommend changing your sanitary pad every 4 to 8 hours. You can, however, change your sanitary pad earlier if you feel uncomfortable.

You can wear a maxi pad if you’re experiencing a heavy flow. Maxi pads are more absorbent than regular thin pads.

Can men wear maxi pads?

Yes, some men prefer to wear maxi pads, sanitary pads, or sanitation towels. They have reported that it helps cushion their scrotum, dry sweat, and improve comfort. You too can try a sanitary pad or sanitation towel for the experience it offers.

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